What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are also an important element that needs special attention when planning a wedding. These things are the ones, which the guests will bring home with them as their token or as their take-home of happiness from a memorable event. Hence, the wedding favors should be able to match the whole wedding’s theme, look, and feel, and should not just seem like an additional element thrown into the picture at the last minute.

Years ago, wedding favors usually composed of ceramic images of doves, hearts, or young couples with the date of the wedding, as well as the names of the bride and groom, etched on them. While these are nice to put on people’s mantelpieces or decoration shelf, they are not really of much use. Besides, people do not want to collect over a dozen of them if they have more than a dozen friends, family, or acquaintances getting married!

So through time, the kind of wedding favors being given out to guests has evolved into more useful and creative things. They also often match the theme of the wedding or the most outstanding characteristics of the couple. For example, if the newly married couple is known coffee drinkers, the tokens given out to guests may have something to do with coffee. A couple of good choices would be coffee cups or mugs with the names of the bride and groom, and the date of the wedding, etched on them, or a small pouch of ground coffee beans which the couple selected, placed into a bag that matches the wedding’s motif.

If a wedding has a limited budget and cannot cover tokens or favors that are too specialized, people may also give away generic ones – but they are still often useful items. A few examples of generic but very useful items are small sets of tea packets, small scented hand soaps, or colored scented candles. Oftentimes, although these favors are not labeled specially for the occasion, they are still packed and presented very nicely, and will still feel make the guests feel special for having attended the wedding and given the favor.

Edible items can also be good options for favors. Like other choices, the kinds of food and their packaging differ in price range. Cheaper options for edible tokens would be chocolates or baked goods with a long shelf life. These are also easy to play around with if the couple wants to add a personal or creative touch to it. For example, the packaging of chocolates is modified to contain the names of the bride and groom. Baked goods are shaped in such a way that makes them look like wedding-themed items.

For weddings with a higher budget for edible wedding favors, the couple can choose to give cookie sets in elegant tin containers that come with tea bags, or perhaps exclusively packaged mints, chocolate candies, or hot chocolate mixes, that appear as though they are branded by the wedding itself and the names of the bride and groom.

Source by Brenda L Hopkins

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