What is Serveware?

Typically, the term “Serveware” refers to those items that beverages or food are served from and in some instances prepared in as well. Suffice it to say, there are numerous options when it comes to purchasing Serveware, so this has the tendency to make buying decisions a bit challenging and tedious. Whether you purchase your Serveware online or at a retailer, you should be aware of all the different types of items that fall into this category of dishware.

The average individual today accumulates their dishware a piece at a time after they purchase their initial set of dishes. Most people today don’t have the resources to go out and purchase all of their kitchen items, whether it is Serveware or other items. Starting with the basics is always a good idea. Just remember that it is not a hard and fast rule that every piece matches. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing dishware over time. Invariably, manufacturers discontinue product lines long before you can complete putting your set together.

Serveware is typically classified into one of two general categories – Essential Serveware and Specialty Serveware. Essential Serveware consists of:

* Condiment sets – can include dipping bowls, hostess sets, salt and pepper shakers, and spice racks

* Oven-to-table items – versatile items that are used for both the preparation and the serving of foods
* Pitchers – can be either casual, such as a plastic pitcher to keep liquids chilled in the refrigerator, or formal that you use for special dining occasions

* Serving bowls – the basic, most essential Serveware item and the most versatile

* Serving platters and/or trays – second only to serving bowls where versatility of Serveware items is concerned

* Serving utensils – once you have purchased your serving bowls and/or platters or trays, you will need the proper utensils to serve your foods with

* Trivets – oftentimes referred to as a “hot plate”, this platform is used to place hot dishes on so as not to harm the table cloth or surface of the table top

On the other hand, Specialty Serveware typically consists of the following pieces:

* Chip and dip items – you can just as easily use a bowl for putting chips in to serve them however, these items add a special touch to your dining experience

*Coffee and tea sets – typically, we serve ourselves coffee right out of the carafe that accompanies our coffee makers, but for special dining occasions, these make a more elegant and formal statement

* Gravy boats – oblong Serveware dishes that look like boats, some have lids and some don’t, but this item is oftentimes considered a necessary piece for your table setting during the holiday season

* Outdoor Serveware – items used for entertaining outdoors or for picnics

* Soup tureens – larger serving bowls, usually lidded and having a notch so a serving ladle can be placed inside the tureen while the lid is on

* Warming buffets and trays – not always considered to be a Serveware essential in every home but they are the ideal item to use for keeping larger quantities of food warm before serving

Source by Anita Choudhary

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