Tips on Treating Asthma With Coffee

Caffeine will dilate the bronchial tubes. It is chemically same to the asthma drugs and also has been used in treating the asthma. Many studies have shown some positive effect of coffee drinking that is used in treating asthma symptoms. You can follow the following simple steps in order to treat the asthma with the coffee. Here is information for you.

For the first step, you should decide the type of coffee that you want. The premium gourmet brands yourself to a grocery store are the most delicious, you can create your blend.

For the second step, you should make a cup of coffee when you are experiencing symptoms. You have to drink just about 1/3 cup because coffee is the potent caffeine source.

For the next step, just wait for 10 minutes and then see if the notice positive effect on the asthma symptom. If it is not, you can drink about 1/3 cup more.

After that, you can see if you will feel better after about ten more minutes. If you still experience asthma symptoms and also you do not have any other medical conditions that need you in limiting to intake of caffeine, just go ahead and also drink the rest of the cup.

For the last step, it is important for you to notice that you feel better after ten more minutes. If it is not, caffeine will not be what you really need in relieving symptoms. After that, seek further medical treatment or you can use your own prescribed medication.

Source by Ethan G Scott

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