The Law of Attraction and Other Unexpected Surprises

I have always been a believer in the Law of Attraction, that is to say that I was aware of my ability manifest what I gave attention and acted upon. I also believe that when I feel good (clear conscience) about my decisions that things not only will work out – they will be work out well for everyone. My confidence in this law goes beyond knowing that my thoughts will create what I desire. My thoughts will also draw to me experiences that my soul needs to grow. The following story about how a small disaster was actually just what I needed to create a successful business.

I had just finished that last concrete pour on a large stamped concrete project for a wealthy family in an exclusive area. The work included a backyard patio, the front porch, walk and long driveway. We poured the last section of driveway, which connected to the street. I set up barricades at the street to safeguard the work before heading home. This was the last pour on the project and it went well. I was quite satisfied. However when I arrived the following morning to do the final detailing on the job I discovered that a brief and localized rain shower had damaged a very small yet visible part of the fresh concrete. All the last section was beautiful, except this one small area where the rain marred the surface. The entire job had gone well and the work was beautiful. I wondered, “How could this happen”? I felt sick to my stomach. It hadn’t rained at my house just a few miles away! I felt like a victim.

My mind raced as I explored several thoughts searching for a solution. Maybe the owner would not notice. What about people driving by? They might notice only the imperfection never knowing the rest of the work was perfect. Maybe I could patch the damaged area; it would be fast and cheap. But what if it didn’t match? I still felt the knot in my stomach. I pursued another line of thinking. Removing the entire last section would be more expensive, but it would mean that everything would match. The entire project then would be impeccable. I breathed and this slowed my thinking down. I mentally calculated the cost of the replacement: the labor; the concrete; the hassles of calling other customers to say I wouldn’t be there when I said. I figured the profits from the work I had scheduled for the following two weeks and resolved that there was more than enough profit on this job and even more in the next two weeks. I decided to replace the entire last section. I felt great relief instantly! Slowing down so I could have thoughts different from the panic and fear made all the difference. My stomach immediately was more relaxed.

A moment later the man of the house, a prominent dentist, came out to say hello. Between sips of his coffee he complemented me on work well done. I drew to his attention the area that concerned me. Even after I pointed it out, he said he couldn’t really see the blemish. I encouraged him to look from a different angle. “Ah, looks fine to me” he said. For a brief moment I thought maybe I could leave it as it was. I could not. I needed to have a clear conscience. Even though the blemish was only about 4 square feet of a project involving thousands of square feet, I knew that it is the imperfections that catch the eye. I wanted to clean and clear leaving an impeccable project. This entire scenario unfolded in the space of a few minutes. The decision I made represented a milestone in my consciousness and in my career.

In those brief moments I moved from fear based thinking to possibility thinking and also about viewing responsibility differently. I didn’t think then that I had responsibility all figured out and I still don’t. However the experience was an eye opener. The way I reached that conclusion concerning the driveway was to realize I needed to respond to my own standards, not someone else’s. While I didn’t like the feeling I had when I thought it was a disaster and I would lose large amounts of money what bothered me more was to have a job I was not happy about.

I took time to breathe. I thought about the work I had scheduled and what the profits would be. By breathing and reasoning I reassured myself that the funds would be available to do the job right, still pay all my bills, and have a profit left over. The biggest consideration was that of being true to my standards. I was committed to doing high quality work, all the time.

I needed that lesson to forge the commitment to excellence that has paid dividends ever since. There were additional Universal Laws that came into play. Knowing that I really did have more than enough money describes the Law of Abundance. Knowing more money was coming in describes the Law of Prosperity. As soon as I made the decision that supported my goals I felt more grounded and whole. My body immediately relaxed. I felt great because the fear was released! Fear is usually the unproductive use of the imagination. I was able to be present, to breath and instantly feel better after making the right decision. The veracity and value of that decision in terms of business returned to me many times over as both the architect on that job and the owners referred me work for years afterwards. This was the beginning of being responsible to myself more than to others. I was forming an attitude of sacred service to my higher self. I was living my Ideals.

That lesson, coming early in my decorative concrete business, caused me to set the bar high in terms of delivering the best product possible and also treating the customer as I would like to be treated. This is the meaning of the Golden Rule. I learned to always take the high road and that the money would always come back. Money is temporary and transitory. It comes and it goes. Having more money than I need today does not mean I am more or less spiritual today than yesterday. Money represents energy. Money is energy. Money is a tool to be used and so doing we recognize our value. The money spent replacing the last section of driveway was insignificant compared to the volume of work that came to me for years after. Furthermore it reinforced the principle of being true to the Self and not compromising one’s standards.

The principle of doing one’s best sets up an attractor field that is greater than we can consciously image. Integrity is attractive. Trust worthiness is attractive. The intention to always doing our best produces prosperity and abundance. It works all of the time, for anyone, anywhere. If we always feel we don’t have enough we will only attract lack, until we decide to choose a different response to the stimulus. Thinking I am not valuable and unworthy makes it very difficult to attract more money (or energy) to me because I am sending a plea to the universe to create situations in my life that offer me the opportunity to change my thinking, to make another choice about my attitudes with money and my self value.

I sometimes wonder about the odds of that rain shower and how it came at the right time for me to formulate and to solidify a life-guiding principle of what it truly means to be responsible – responsible to one’s Self.

Source by Doug Bannister

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