Starting a Coffee Cart Or Kiosk

Do you know that in 1999 there was an average of 108,000,000 consumers of coffee in America alone? (SCAA 1999 Market Report) How much more today? Coffee never seems to go out of style and the fascination for it affects not only the old ones, but nowadays younger generations have also embraced drinking the concoction at every whim. The aroma of coffee is appetizing enough that it can get someone wanting to drink coffee so much at an instant. And because the coffee fad never fades, why not go into the business of selling some of that roasted bean drink, cart or kiosk style?

You might ask me why put up cart and not just a stable cafe on a permanent location? Well, there are a lot of advantages of keeping a cart; one is that you can transfer from one location to another if the sales are not so good on a given day. Another advantage would be the minimal cost of the initial expenses when putting up this business. With a cart you don’t have to spend too much to be able to get started. Since it is mobile, you also get to circle the neighborhood to allow exposure of your business. Money may be an issue but it’s not too much that it would be hard to save for. All you need are the proper tools, a reasonable amount of capital and the knowledge in simple business operations. With these simple preparations you are all set to brewing the best coffee in town.

For some who prefer an avenue of selling coffee which is not too mobile yet is less expensive than building a standard-sized store, a kiosk may be suitable. Kiosks can be established either outdoors or indoors and can be located at street corners where it is easily accessible. The success of kiosk however, also relies on its location. It should be carefully planned and taken into much account since the place where you set up your kiosk can make or break your establishment. One disadvantage of this type of business is that like a cafe you have to be there full time. So if you think you can’t stay put in one location, then this is not for you. You also, would need to employ two to three employees to help you all through the day since it would be taxing enough to prepare the coffee and at the same time giving your customers a good experience.

Does the aroma of coffee already fill your nostril? Before you take a dive into this business endeavor make sure you have made the right preparations. If possible, make a feasibility study to know the probability of the income you are going to make. The location, the amount of money you’re willing to spend and the target market should all be taken into account before making your decision. It would also be a good thing if you can make appointments to talk to some kiosk and cart owners to ask them regarding how the operations are done accordingly. So get all geared up and be ready to embark on an aromatic journey selling the all time favorite coffee.

Source by Mika Hamilton

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