Should You Add Milk To Your Shakeology Recipe? Here’s The Review

There are a few things to keep in mind when adding additional ingredients to your Shakeology.Being that you will be replacing one meal a day with a shake you will want to spice things up here and there. Milk is one item that may be elevated in calories from fat.

There are tons of excellent recipes when preparing this ultra-premium health beverage. Some options to add to Shakeology to add flavor are fruit, fruit juices, nuts, coffee creamers, and the list goes on. But, not all additives are as healthy and wholesome as one might think. Each selection of milk out there has its own health qualities and some can double the amount calories in your Shakeology. So basically be mindful of what components you may be including and continually have a look at the vitamin worth, because generally there are much healthier choices to reach the exact same great taste as your first preference.

A person wanting to lose weight should evade whole milk when preparing Shakeology. Whole milk consists of a great deal of more unhealthy calories and saturated fat than the majority of consumers would imagine. When considering milk, there are healthier options than whole milk such as soy milk, almond milk, rice, and skim.

  • Whole Milk contains about 150 calories plus 5g of saturated fat every cup.
  • Skim Milk contains the equal proteins, calcium & Vitamin D as whole milk not having the saturated fat and cholesterol.
  • Soy Milk is heart healthy and balanced, includes no cholesterol, will be lower in saturated fat, and decreased in calories. Almond Milk consists of no cholesterol, no saturated fat, is low in calories and is around 60 calories for every cup.
  • Rice Milk contains no cholesterol, zero saturated fat, some calcium, & Vitamin D in addition to roughly 113 calories every cup.

Keep these tips handy and Shakeology can certainly help to you drop the fat you cannot wait to get rid of!

Source by Jonathan R Green

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