Redefining the Styling of Kurtis

Creating style quotient in the clothes that has become part and parcel of our lives is one of the most challenging things for a designer. I used to fuss around this issue for a long time as I felt I looked one among the many though I buy costly clothes or clothes from exclusive boutiques. However, browsing through a number of fashion blogs and articles I have come to terms with the fact that, simple additions and styling can bring an entire changeover to the boring Kurtis.

Styling the kurtis majorly require different kinds of bottoms, shawls, and jackets. Accessories and makeup are the next stages of the self-grooming process.

The mainstream styling of Kurtis is usually done nowadays with leggings. The leggings can be either printed or plain. Printed leggings entered the market a few years back and are creating a storm after that. It is the most sought after by college girls due to its funky prints and colours. Plain kurtis especially white kurtis can be teamed with this colourful printed kurtis. Women who want to add some glam to their routine kurtis also love lace leggings.

Casual Patiala pants are tailor made for a simple and chick look. Patiala pants with short kurtis can be worn for evening outs and casual coffees. These kurtis are mostly preferred to be worn without shawls. Instead of shawls, jackets can be used for a better look. Jute jackets or cotton jackets can be worn for a professional look while long sleeveless synthetic jackets can be used for a modern look.

Palazzo pantsuits are trending nowadays. Straight cut kurtis can be always teamed with these pants for a very professional look. The Pakistani palazzo suits also top the charts in fashion runways. Palazzo pants give us a very westo-Indian look that attracts many of the young gen girls.

Jeans and Kurtis are an authentic combination that works all the time and for any place. Kurtis is designed in such a way that they can be worn for any occasion and with any styling. Jeans kurtis are a personal favourite as they are super comfortable and does not leave risen eyebrow at any circumstance.

Wearing Kurti as a dress on its own is a very creative idea that has been put into use by many fashionistas around the country. There are various kinds of kurtis such as fishtail kurtis and c cut Kurtis that are created just to be worn as dresses. These Kurtis are sometimes better than the actual dresses we get in branded stores.

Simple or grand, casual or formal, routine or unique, Kurtis is necessary to wear for a classy and elegant look.

Source by Munira Gheewala

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