Must-Haves for an Engaging Work Space (Part 2 of 2)

In our previous post, we focused on the physical or environmental attributes of workspaces that make them more conducive to productivity and collaboration.

In this installment of our two-part look into the must-haves for a more engaging work space, we take into consideration the community building and leisure amenities that will set your work space apart from the rest.


Offering premium perks in your co-working space may just be what you need to edge out the competition. Sure, you may have already incorporated the basic amenities such as broadband Internet and free-flowing coffee, but there are other necessities you might be overlooking.

Consider renting out large-screen computer monitors. Your customers would appreciate having an extra monitor to use for video calls or access to 4K monitors for viewing graphic designs.

Having an outdoor space would also be an attractive feature in your co-working space. A large yard or rooftop filled with trees and plants would definitely uplift anyone’s spirits, giving your customers respite from their work and a chance to socialise with each other. If access to some fresh air is not possible in your space, a lounging area surrounded by plants — especially those that can help clean the air — will give your customers bit of nature indoors.

Prioritising your customers’ health definitely would make your co-working space not just a place where one could plug in their laptops, but a place where they can also unplug from work as well. Wellness activities at co-working spaces is absolutely on trend and could be the deciding factor for potential customers. From offering healthy drinks and snacks to meditation rooms, naps room or yoga classes, there are many ways to incorporate health and wellness into your space.

However, the best perk you can provide in your co-working space is professional services staff. Having customer-oriented staff on hand is more important than any specialty coffee. A co-working space is not just about renting out desks or meeting rooms, it’s providing a high quality experience as well. You need well-trained staff who can assist your members with the little things so they can focus on maximizing their productivity.. Customer service, IT support, marketing, or member management are just a few of the services that will make your co-working space experience more pleasant and attractive to customers.


One surefire way to maintain and multiply your members is to build a community in your co-working space. Without it, there’s nothing stopping your customer from choosing other locations available to them. Being part of a community is significant reason why a member would renew their subscription.

Consider hosting events in your co-working space regularly. Events such as happy hours, weekend barbecues, or seminars on a wide range of topics will give your members opportunity to network or meet potential business partners or clients. Or better yet, give your members an opportunity to share their work or talents with the rest of the community.

You could also host a skill-sharing event where you could hire a professional from various industries that could help your members with their projects. Skillshares such as photography, app development, social media marketing, or even mindfulness and calligraphy could be interesting to your members and give them a new set of skills that would be beneficial to their work and well-being.


Whatever amenities, perks or environment you offer customers in your co-working space, the overall experience is key. Your customers need to feel engaged and cared for in a co-working environment, as well as a sense of community, so they can focus on doing what they do best instead of sweating the little things.

Source by Kheng Sim

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