How Can I Get Just One Tooth White?

Everyone knows how to get teeth white. Our mothers told us long ago that if we brushed every day and flossed and drank our milk then we would have white teeth. For the most part, she lied!

Yes, good hygiene and good nutrition are vital to healthy teeth, but there is so much more to the equation. Your mother may have told you not to smoke because it would “stunt your growth”, but did she also tell you that it would stain your teeth? Did she tell you that the diet cola you drank everyday would do the same thing? What about that morning cup of coffee? It stains the teeth, too.

In addition to all of these external forces on your tooth enamel, there is an internal one and it is partially mom’s fault, too. Your genetic make-up is very much a part of who your teeth are today. If you have “bad teeth”, then it probably has more to do with your parents than your hygiene does. Some people have a situation whereby they have one tooth that is a different color than all the rest. You can’t blame coffee or tobacco for that one, so how do you get just one tooth white?

Almost all conventional teeth whiteners are built to treat all your teeth at once, or at least half of your mouth. If you have ever bought teeth whitening strips, then you know that there are two kinds of strips – one set for the bottom teeth and one set for the top teeth. If you are trying to get one tooth white, then you are out of luck. Dental whitening trays are much the same way. They will treat all teeth at once.

One option for cases like this, or for any teeth whitening issue that you want to treat inexpensively, effectively, and safely is a product that treats each tooth individually. A product like this is available on the market at an affordable price and is easy to use.

Source by Burke N. Stanton

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