Getting to Know the Various Types of Espresso Coffee Makers Available Today

No avid espresso drinker’s life feels complete without an espresso coffee maker that will deliver the special coffee the way the espresso drinker likes it each morning. Surprisingly, many people still go plop down $2 to $4 at the local coffee shop instead of buying their own espresso machines. If you are one of these people that for whatever reason still has not purchased an espresso machine, stay tuned.

Of course, you don’t want to just throw money at the first espresso machine that comes along. You need to decide how lazy you want to be with your espresso maker. Odds are that the reason you don’t own one has some correlation to not wanting to spend a whole lot of time making your espresso. But just in case you are interested in all of the details of making espresso, we’ll discuss the manual type as well.

Manual espresso coffee makers basically require you to already have your coffee beans ground and to manually put the grounds and the water in the machine. Also, if you like frothing, most of these have a pump you can use to add frothing.

For a little more convenience, you can get a mostly automatic espresso maker. To use these machines, you have a pump you start and then wait about thirty seconds for extraction. These are about the most popular home espresso machines because they are inexpensive and relatively small. For a little more money, you can get a slightly larger mostly automatic model that has self on-off control built in as well.

Of course, if you are a true espresso aficionado and you spend a lot of money on this coffee already, you might as well have an automatic one that will make you that perfect espresso each time at whatever time you have espressos scheduled. How automatic is automatic? The thing taps right into your plumbing. You just have to occasionally check your coffee bean reservoir and disposal bin.

Source by Alice Morgan

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