Corporate Gifting Ideas in Dubai

Dubai, the world’s treasure for trade, is one of the wealthiest emirates among the UAE. Since ancient times, because of its significant geographical position, Dubai stations itself as the seat of trade connecting Asia with Europe and vice versa. Due to the discovery of oil in the late 60s which led to the creation of ports and free zones pumped up the status of Dubai as a world’s leader in the trade activities. Tourism has become a popular industry in Dubai in the 70s and 80s, and hence the emirate invested heavily in building tourism infrastructures. Soon Dubai has become the Hong Kong of the Middle East.

Many large corporate have established their presence in the emirate which automatically resulted in promoting business related to those corporate such as hotels, restaurants, etc., Realising the huge market capital in the gift supplying for corporates companies like Arcati, Steigens established gift product providing ventures in Dubai.

Well, there are a plethora of gift suppliers around the globe, then why would anyone buy gifts in Dubai?

As said before, Dubai is a hub for trade and business. The city holds numerous Fortune 500 companies within it. The gifting companies in Dubai have access to the manufacturers from many countries such as Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, India had enabled them to craft tailor-made gift products at affordable products.

Generally, there are many reasons to give custom corporate gifts in the corporate culture which includes:

  • To deepen connections between business associated
  • To motivate employees
  • To tell a story or promote our brand

Corporate gift suppliers from Dubai understood the significance of gifts in the corporate culture hence they procure and provide only high-quality products as the gifting items. Some of the gift items in their inventories are as follows:

  • Custom made Power banks: Power banks are an important extension for smartphones in these days. Custom made power banks with the company’s logo on it can be presented to hard-working employees.
  • Premium Watches: Watches are an excellent way to show that your company values your client. A branded watch as a gift will prompt the clients to work with your company more
  • Eco-Friendly Bags: Eco-friendly has now become a slogan among people. Bags that are made up of eco-friendly products will be the best choice to present as a gift to your business associates.
  • Leather Products: Premium leather products including mobile phone holders, laptop bags can also be chosen as gift items for the clients or business associates.
  • Printed Mugs & Bottles: Coffee mugs or water bottles imprinted with the company’s logo or any motivational quotes can be presented to either clients or employees for promotional purposes.
  • Arcati has a wide range of custom-made products for giftings and those who wish to present premium quality gifts to their business associates they can visit Arcati’s inventory through their official website.

Source by Isabella Noah

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