Cheap Flyer Advertising Strategies That Generate Massive Buzz

Advertising flyers to consumers in your local community is one of the fastest ways of communicating to people that you have products and services of value to offer them. Not to mention, you can easily make a sizable return on your investment with the proper strategy.

However, most Business owners think they have to offer discounts of 30-to-50 percent off their normal prices in order to get a decent response rate from their flyer advertising campaign. Sometimes this strategy will actually hurt your advertising efforts more than it will help them. The problem with discounting products at these levels is consumers end up perceiving the items to be lower quality compared to when they pay full price. In addition, consistently lowering your prices and having huge sales can turn your core customers into coupon clippers, making it extremely difficult to raise your prices in the near future.

Instead of offering your products at such a low price, try offering something free of charge to get people into your store when you create your flyer advertising campaign. The whole point of advertising flyers is to get new people into your door. This way they know what you have to offer them.

Response rates using this technique can be as high as 50-to-60 percent, depending on the type of item being advertised. For example, a coffee shop could give away a small 6 oz. cup of one of their premium coffee blends to attract new customers. The cost would be about 10-to-20 cents per customer, but selling additional products to customers at regular prices will generate a nice return on the investment. The key is advertising a product that cost you pennies on the dollar to purchase from your supplier.

As you can see, not only will you save money on your flyer advertising campaign, you will expose your business to a larger share of the community, which will accelerate the growth of your business at a faster rate then waiting for people to find you in the phone book. Create a flyer advertising campaign that generates 1,000’s of sales leads and you should be more successful. Here’s to your success!

Source by Robert Nugent

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