Boutique Hotels Are Ideal for Business

When it comes to choosing a hotel to stay in when away on business you want to find a hotel that offer all the creature comforts you would find at home. The typical “boutique hotel” will have a modern artistic cutting-edge design and tick all the boxes regarding amenities.

Boutique hotels are intimate, luxurious or quirky hotel environments. They are different to the larger chain hotels as they provide a more personalised accommodation and facilities. Typically they are smaller than branded hotels and quite often are furnished on a theme. Boutique hotels are stylish, warm, and an aesthetically pleasing and also not as expensive as larger branded hotels.

Businessmen who travel on business are not looking for a hotel with restaurant, bar, gym or spa as many business men or women rarely have time to use them. Staying in a hotel when you’re in town on business for just work commitments is not the same as when on holiday, unless you intend of mixing business with pleasure. You’re in your room for a small period of time; really you just want a base with comfortable bedrooms equipped with quality bedding, heating and air conditioning. A reliable power shower with constant hot water is a must as is in-room coffee and tea facilities.

Some other facilities you might be looking for are free wifi broadband internet connections, flat screen TVs, iPod dock and the option of using UK or EU power plugs. What an Ethernet cable connection for internet access is also desirable. With many modern business meetings being conducted using web conferencing technology having this facility is handy. Also what would be useful is a dual-line telephone with personal voicemail, speakerphone.

Another must for the business traveller is having an iron and ironing board in the room. There is nothing work heading off for an important meeting and your clothes are all creased from travelling. You will be amazed at how many hotels don’t offer ironing facilities in every room.

The global hotel chains have become masters in the art of selling business travellers short and quite often for ridiculous prices. But there is a trend for boutique hotels which offer just what the business traveller needs without the heavy prices. Boutique hotels are also known as “design hotels” or “lifestyle hotels”. If you haven’t stayed in one yet I seriously recommend it. You will be pleasantly surprised and possibly never stay in a branded hotel chain ever again.

Source by Carolyn Clayton

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