5 Must-See Attractions in Jamaica

Jamaica has plenty of things to see and do, but any worthy list would include these five things. Each of these attractions is easy enough to find, but bear in mind that tourist taxis will expect you to negotiate. You might want to avoid the hassle and catch a bus instead. The buses are perfectly serviceable and cheap. But don’t forget you’ll be expected to tip the luggage handlers. If you’re thinking about an excursion by bus, make sure to check if the bus is air-conditioned and if there are frequent planned stops. Otherwise, you could be in for a long, hot, uncomfortable journey.

Blue Mountain and John Crow Mountain National Park

Nature-lovers and hikers can take a solo or guided trip into the Blue Mountain and John Crow Mountain National Park. The park has hundreds of species of plants and birds. You might even catch a glimpse of the world’s second largest butterfly. And if you visit in 2017 you’ll see the once-every-33-years flowering of the Jamaican bamboo.

Jamaican Coffee Experience

Jamaican coffee fetches a premium and you can take a tour around the Blue Mountain coffee factory to see what all the fuss is about. Alternatively you can deal directly with the local farmers, all of whom are happy to sell their own handpicked beans – prepared to their own secret formula.

The Bob Marley Museum

Jamaica’s most famous son, the legendary singer’s former home is now the site of a museum dedicated to his life and music. After checking out the memorabilia you can relax in the on-site Ethiopian restaurant or purchase African crafts and Bob Marley mementoes from the shop.

City Tour

The rich vibrant atmosphere of Kingston is best experienced by walking through the city. But if you want to get a feel for the lay of the land – and hear some history from a local – then a guided city tour may be what you need. All the tour companies will have a fixed tour available, but you can also ask a local taxi-driver to who will happily agree to take you round – for a price, of course. Your itinerary should definitely include the old colonial mansions of Devon House and King’s House, Hope Botanical Gardens and the National Gallery where you can see a range of works by Jamaican artists.

Port Royal

Port Royal was once the pirate capital of the New World, but in 1692 much of the city sank beneath the waves during an earthquake. You can visit the Maritime Museum in famous Fort Charles where the cannon keeps a silent watch over the seas. To see artifacts from the city that have been recovered from the ocean’s depths, head to the Port Royal Archaeological and Historical Museum.

Source by Gareth Hobbs

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