Wake Up And Smell The Coffee From The Saeco Incanto De Luxe

With the Saeco Brewing System, or SBS, the Saeco Incanto Deluxe makes it very simple to make fine coffee in the comfort of your own home. With the added capability of rapid steam technology, it is easy to froth milk quickly and turn an espresso into a cappuccino or latte.

As a member of the Incanto family of automatic machines, the Saeco Incanto De Luxe has new Saeco espresso machine technology which includes a LCD Digital Display, three beverage settings that can be programmed and a ceramic disc grinder. Key features and benefits include those listed below.

Push Button Capability

The Saeco Incanto De Luxe will immediately dose and grind up the right amount of coffee. It will also tamp, brew and dispense the used grounds into a grounds dish.

Saeco Espresso Machine

Saeco’s Incanto De Luxe new patented SBS (Saeco Brewing System) is the new technology which has modified the coffee machine industry. This very creative system allows you to make an unlimited amount of coffees with just a knob twist. It does not matter if it is an Italian ristretto or an American style long coffee, the Saeco will make everyone happy by when it gives a satisfying flavor and a really special creamy layer. Also, the coffee dose in the extraction chamber is completely manipulated, so the pressure can stay the same while the coffee is being extracted.

Rapid Steam

Rapid Steam technology will reduce the regular waiting time during the coffee brewing to a few seconds. This will also allow you to froth milk in order to make cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiato coffee by just turning the steam knob.

Saeco Aroma System

The Saeco Aroma System has a cycle before the brewing where the coffee grounds are dampened for a few moments, which causes them to puff. This ensures the best flavor extraction before the water goes through the grinds. After it brews, the coffee is pushed through a little chamber and through the brew head with a thick cream, which holds in the rich and flavorful taste of the coffee. This is one of the best characteristics of the Saeco Incanto De Luxe.

Saeco OptiDose

The OptiDose model lets this Saeco coffee machine modify the number of beans that are put in to every cup, from 7 to 10.5 grams. When you adjust the amount of coffee, it will make the espresso stronger.

Pump System

The Saeco Incanto De Luxe has a pump that is powerful. It has fifteen bars (217.6psi) of pressure. Classic Italian coffee has to have consistent pressure to get a top of the line extraction.

Settings Can Be Programmed

The Saeco Incanto De Luxe has 3 brew buttons that can be programmed. In order to program, just push and hold a brew button until you get the right amount of espresso. When the button is released at the right amount, the machine will preset the pushed button to make the same exact amount of espresso every time that it is pushed.

Ceramic Disc Grinder

The ceramic disc grinder is Saeco’s latest creation, which is now in all of Saeco’s new automatic coffee machines. After a lot of research, Saeco picked this material to cease coffee grinding with metal parts. Ceramics are inert and this makes it possible to get the greatest outcome without changing the taste of the coffee. The latest ceramic disc grinder also results in a quieter grinding process.

Pre-Ground Bypass Doser

The pre ground bypass doser lets your machine change from the grinder so you can use decaffeinated or flavored pre grounded coffee.

Saeco Easy Clean System

The core of the Saeco Incanto De Luxe is its patented brew system. This part will dose, tamp, brew and put out the coffee during one round. The brewing system can be easily removed just by pushing a button. This makes it easy to rinse and clean.

Aqua Prima Water Filter

The Aqua Prima water filter was made to get rid of impurities in the water that change the way your coffee tastes. The Aqua Prima water filter is there to make the taste coffee taste better and protect your machine from damaging lime scale.

All these features make the Saeco Incanto De Luxe the pinnacle of modern coffee makers.

Source by Giovanni Mantovani

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