Types of Shot Glasses

The quintessential shot glass, used for as far back as 200 years ago in Italy, and also during the Prohibition era is one of the most well known drinking apparatus in any bar. Although these glassware items vary in sizes, the most common one contains an average shot of 1 1/2 ounces. An archetypal glass is made from very thick glass, especially at the base. This is to ensure that the glass can withstand the shock of it being slammed (which happens most of the time) on any surface after its contents are consumed.

There are a number of shot glasses types available in the market. Here are some examples that will help you make a worthy purchase:

1. Standard glasses hold 1 1/2 ounces of alcohol. This shot glass has a very thick base and walls. Mainly used to drink a single dose of whiskey or rum.
2. Another slight variation would be the “short shot” or “pony shot” glass which takes in about 1 ounce of liquor. It is slightly smaller than a normal shot glass.
3. A fluted glass’s base is grounded, and when positioned on a hard surface area, emanates a crystal-clear ring.
4. The molded shot glass normally has designs embedded at the base and is usually comes with embossed labels.
5. The barrel shot glass is quite unique – the girth is shaped like a barrel and is made from heavier glass.
6. Cylinder shot glasses is naturally, higher than its predecessors. Shaped like a cylinder, this glass is popular for making “shooters”.
7. The flared shot glass is of an elevated height of 3″ tall with a flared body measuring 2″. Its walls are thin and quite a few have interiors which are molded.
8. A tonic shot glass is typically shaped like a megaphone. Quite interesting to look at. The name tonic is a derivative from the larger tonic glass. You can say that this is the dwarf version.
9. A cheater shot glass simply has a thicker base which fools people into believing that there is more alcohol in it than what is actually being consumed.
10. Edible shot glasses are the rage nowadays. They come in flavors like candy cane, chocolate wafer and mint to name a few. This is indeed a great way to eat and drink at the same time, and a wonderful fun party novelty.
11. Have you ever heard of a shot glass chess set? Well, now you have. A shot glass chess set can be made from glass, silver or even pewter. The ones made of silver and pewter are not recommended barware because of the lead content. However, playing chess has never been more fun using vinyl shot glasses. With each capture, you’ll be tipping back its contents.
12. Shot glass wedding favors is an exceptional way of celebrating with guests. There are many beautifully crafted ones ready for purchase, complete with photos and words to suit any occasion. They can be made from ceramic, glass or even votive.

Source by Amin Ramjee

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