Promoting Business Through Your Employees Using Branded Mugs

There are several ways to promote your brand and your business to attract more clients and customers for long term association. Wouldn’t it be great if your own employees become shining promoters of your business? Branded mugs are probably the best way you can do this by gifting your employees branded mugs sponsored by your company.

You can of course, promote your business in other ways too. For instance, you can get them to wear shirts that sport your company’s logo and name. However, this method and other similar ones are passive and won’t go beyond the work day. Personalised mugs sporting you’re your brand extends to people’s personal lives and are hence much more effective and proactive.

The key to this is to get your employees to use it and like it more than anything else. If you are gifting your employees mugs branded with your company’s name, there is no guarantee that they are going to be using it on a daily basis. It is because they may not find any particular value in the gifted mug. Why should the use something that has been thrust on to them for the company’s profit.

As a business owner who wants his employees to promote their brand through the use of branded mugs, they have to first find value in the mugs. Here is an analogy. Buy a small gift for a little girl and chances are she will play around with it for a few days and forget. However, if she has won that same gift in a child’s competition, she won’t part with it throughout her childhood.

The same principle can be applied to your employees as well. Nearly all companies these days reward their companies for good work and no doubt you do too. One good idea is to create different tiers of performance for employees. Each employee gets cash bonuses for good performance, of course. Add to that, you can replace trophies or other gifts with personalised mugs.

Employees, who receive goodies like promotional travel mugs as an acknowledgement of their work towards the company, will naturally come to value it more. They will want to show it off to everybody at home, be it is their family or guests. What better way to do that by using it on a daily basis?

It does not need to end there. You can have premium gifts for your employees too. If an employee has performed exceptionally well, you can gift him or her, an entire set of branded mugs for the whole family. That would make it even more special for them, since the whole family immediately comes to know of the employee’s value to the company as such.

If you want to create even greater value through the custom coffee mugs, you can personalize it for them by printing their name on it. For instance, you can use an elegant black coffee mug and print the employee’s name in gold along with the distinction he has earned such as ‘Best Employee’ or the equivalent.

Source by Harrison Cope

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