Primitive Country Decor and Furniture

Primitive country decor is both old fashioned and simple with a touch of history; as seen in handmade furniture with raw reclaimed woods, earthy textures and carvings that are inspired from nature. Several combinations of characteristics and design types such as rustic, shabby chic and farmhouse give primitive country decor an eclectic edge. Being grounded to Mother Earth and exploring the vast treasures that she gives us, we use these primitive old woods to embellish our home in this style. Primitive country decor relies on rustic and vintage features to achieve an old-fashioned, traditional, and Colonial ambiance giving a warm and comforting aesthetic to the house.

The primitive country decor style can be seen in old door sideboards with earthy textures and accent tables, vintage carved wall reliefs, cabinets made from reclaimed woods with carvings of natural elements like sunrays and floral elements. Rustic farmhouse and barn decor is also a variation of this style that plays with handmade furniture and antique doors with brass and iron embellishments. Rustic vintage barn doors leading into the study or study set against the white walls gives the old colonial plantation feel. Cabinets that are intricately carved or simple with a geometric diamond, the colors are deeply absorbed into the grains of the wood, a feel so nostalgic that brings in dancing corn fields and romantic nights of looking at the stars.

Primitive country decor creates a unique, eclectic feel with warm-tones and earthy textures. Custom barn doors made from reclaimed woods and carved by hand, the characteristic of these beautiful door panels is in the diverse ways of using them. Double doors leading to the bedroom or the study the doors are a statement in themselves. Artistic wall decor, the carved panels can be used as a headboard as well. Imagine replacing the doors of a Colonial farmhouse with these magnificent doors. Totally spectacular!!

Natural and antique primitive country decor typically has earthy color tone, the chakra carved extra long sideboard is perfect storage chest for the dining room with its tones of blue and brown. The tribal chests called damchiyas are so eclectic and vagabond with their mirrors, narrow and sized correctly for the hallways with an arched mirror made from architectural salvage. The red and beige amplifies the warmth and comfort of primitive country decor and flows naturally with the environment.

Incorporate accent pieces like wood candle stands and iron pots as well as vintage wood planters to bring in the old world element. Patchwork pillows and pashmina blankets give the finishing touches.

Source by Era Chandok

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