Peaberry Coffee – Tips on Brewing a Perfect Cup

Brewing coffee, especially Hawaiian peaberry beans is an art indeed, though many people think that it is very easy. In fact, not everyone can brew a perfect pot of coffee with rich consistency and amazing aroma. There are some secrets and keys from properly storing the beans to special techniques of brewing tasty gourmet drink.

What you should consider while buying and storing Peaberry beans?

First of all, you should decide what you will buy: green beans, roasted beans or ground coffee. Some people buy green beans and roast them themselves on their roasters at home, while others prefer buying ready roasted beans or even ground coffee.

While storing the beans, pay attention to place them in a bottle or ceramic bowl and keep away from light and dampness. They are the main enemies to the quality of any grade.

Note: It is recommended to keep whole beans, because ground coffee doesn’t store well. The process of brewing this tasty beverage can be very easy for some people, while others think that it requires special knowledge and skills. In fact, if you know some little secrets, you can consider yourself a master of coffee brewing.

Who wouldn’t like to start their morning with a cup of freshly-brewed gourmet drink that will add something special to the routine?

So here are some useful tips on brewing a perfect cup of Hawaiian Peaberry Beans:

1. If you have whole beans, first grind them. Only grind the necessary amount of coffee you need for today’s brewing. As a rule, you may use either a coarse grind for a French press or medium grind for a drip coffee-maker. However, experts believe that it is best to grind Kona beans to medium.

2. Use purified or fresh spring water that tastes best and is better for your health. Remember that 98% of brewed coffee is water. It would be better the water is cool while pouring it into the coffee maker to save the specific taste during the brewing process. The recommended temperature for brewing is 190 – 205 degrees F.

3. The usual ratio for brewing is 2 tbl. spoons of ground coffee for every 6 oz. of water.

4. The best brewing time is considered to be about 4 minutes.

5. Be careful with filters. Many coffee lovers prefer gold filters or French press pots for brewing a perfect cup of tasty drink. According to coffee connoisseurs, paper filters can affect the aroma and taste of the product. Sometimes these filters can even cause specific paper taste in your freshly brewed coffee.

6. Make sure to clean the machine thoroughly after each time you use it. Otherwise, even little residues on the filters and the pot can significantly reduce the quality of the beverage you brew.

Get high-quality beans directly from Hawaiian suppliers who provide 100% pure Kona beans that are locally processed and vacuum packed for the highest quality and freshness straight to your door.

Source by Freddy Winston

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