My Home, An Eclectic Sanctuary

Warm and inviting, designed with an obsession for old world elements and ancient architecture my home is an eclectic sanctuary that gives me peace and calm, growing with me as a dimension of my personality.The entrance doors are antique doors from the India, bursting with the lush patina of the river and sky blue hues, carved by hand with lotus and chakra carvings, they connect me to my roots. The vintage carved barn doors that I have used throughout the house have an old style of bohemianism, bringing in a feel of the traditional elements that I grew up with. The sliding barn doors line the hallway which has a collection of my treasures and artifacts playing with the potted plants and the lush foliage. The feel is very grounded, a romance of the old vintage woods and natural handmade furniture.

I don’t follow any rules, never have and never will, my spirit is my guide. The foyer leads into living room where I used a double sided triple archway to create depth and visual splendor. On either sides I have magnificent wall sculptures of Krishna and Buddha that bring with them beautiful energies. As I step in the living room the carved sofa is upholstered with royal blue velvet and silk pillows, the blues of the ocean and the brilliant open sky give me clarity and open my mind, bringing in the soft sky blue as in the vintage coffee table and the frothy ocean blue in the sideboard, the aura is magical and very comforting.

I work from home and pretty much in any room, so I have cozy nooks with consoles or high tables that work as desks. My office/study/mediation room, is where I go to unwind and want to ignite the fires of creativity. The walls are lined with old arches and doorways that I have converted into bookcases and my desk is made from an old Indian door. Every piece of furniture has a purpose and history. The patians and carvings whisper the stories and are beautifully grounding. My altar is housed in an armoire in the office and is adorned with deities, spiritual carvings, crystals and sacred geometry. But on days when I want to hear the wind or experience the magic of nature, I sit on my Indian swing in the balcony.

My bedroom is opulent in comfort and design, I did’nt spare any effort to create a magnificent headboard from an antique patinated wood door and I hung the door panels on the sides so as to get the king size width. The open doorway in the centre frames a painting of the forest and mountains reminding me that I am one with the earth. Peaceful and grand my bedroom is an oasis of beautiful dreams and my sanctuary.

Source by Era Chandok

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