Kona Coffee For Sale – Facts About Hawaii’s Finest Coffee

You may have seen many advertisements for websites which have Kona coffee for sale. But because of the premium price of this coffee, you never know who is a genuine seller. You may be wondering what makes Kona coffee so special that some sellers try to sell lower quality blends as pure Kona coffee. Well if you knew about the history and the production process involved in making this coffee, then you would understand.

Kona coffee today stands as world’s number one and is the most expensive coffee. This is a premium blend of Kona beans which contains the most extravagant flavors that you can imagine. The beans are grown in Hawaiian mountainous areas that carry around the perfect climate to grow this rich coffee.

Kona coffee needs a combination of sunny and warm days, rainy and windy afternoons, calm and steady nights and most of all rich volcanic soils. A mixture of these is best found in Mauna Loa and Hualapai. If all these factors are available in the environment then chances are that you will come up with the best Kona beans.

Hawaiian market is flourishing at a fast pace as the demand for Kona keeps increasing steadily. Farmers put in a lot of efforts to make sure that they deliver the best Kona beans. And all their hard work is paid off when people around the world pay hundreds and thousands to get hold of Kona coffee.

This coffee is available online as well which portrays that Hawaiian producers are becoming tech savvy. However, there are some cheats out there as well who add just a little of Kona beans and sell their brands as premium ones. Be aware of such distributors and always go for authentic online distributors.

The reason why such counterfeiters are there is because the Kona market is huge and full of opportunities. Because of its rich flavor people don’t mind paying $25 or so for every pound. This results in around 30 million revenue each year for Kona producers.

Producing the perfect Kona beans involves a lot of hard work and effort. Farmers have to maintain the right techniques to harvest and climate also plays a big role in this process. Once harvested the beans are handled with care and precession to maintain the quality.

Sometimes the beans are not roasted in order to preserve the freshness, aroma and actual flavor of the coffee. There are many different kinds of Kona coffee beans such as Prime, Prime Peaberry, and Kona #1; Fancy and Extra fancy Kona beans. Among these, Peaberry is the most demanded and most expensive one even though it doesn’t belong to Hawaiian market.

So if you are a coffee fanatic then don’t miss out on experiencing this premium coffee. Kona is available online through some genuine Hawaiian distributors. But while choosing a seller always makes sure that they are recognized and authentic as there are lots of cheats and counterfeits present out there.

Source by Harry Boyle

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