I Love Being a Ghost Writer!

Sighing languorously into my morning steaming coffee mug, the one with the Chinese splashing scarlet fish on the sides, I gaze lazily out of a broad window. I’m sipping a Starbucks Premium Blend, one of my favorites since the old days of bicycle riding down the Burke-Gilman Trail. I’ve also traversed the extremely long trail near the Green River, site of some of the most horrific murders in US history.

They gave a local freelance writer named Anne Rule something to write about, and got her national attention. I, on the other hand, shy away from such attention. I am a ghostwriter, not a freelance writer, as of 2003 on a regular basis. So you probably have never heard of me before, and with luck you never will. Well, again, unless you visit our website. That sort of thing is welcome with me, but your work will only have your name on it if you hire our affordable ghostwriting services.

I traded potential fame or infamy for dependable upfront payments a long time ago. Ghostwriting is a profession similar to but not the same as freelance writing, and the main difference is you can set up ways on your own to get paid. Magazines and publishing houses that hire freelance writers determine the ways they get paid, but in most cases as a freelance ghostwriter you can set up your own payment schedules. Some ghostwriters who work for publishing houses, though, are on the publishers’ pay schedules. But normally, ghostwriters work their own hours, set their own payments and make their own rules. It’s a living, and when you’ve been a ghostwriter for several years, it’s a good one too.

As a ghostwriter, I am always finding out new things about the world. It gives me an excuse to cruise the headlines of the New York Times, looking for article topics, at my leisure. I learn all kinds of things that help me do research on books and screenplays, although I don’t write scripts myself. It keeps me in the loop as a ghostwriter to know more about the world every day. Perched over my keyboard at a computer desk at home, looking like a round-shouldered ostrich egg (weighing 100 pounds more than I should), I peruse the entire planet through the Internet.

Nowadays, I tend to send ghostwriting and editing work out to the 100 or so members of our ghostwriting team, so other ghostwriters than me fill the bill when it comes to client satisfaction. I only hire the best, and demand the highest standards from even our student writers. But we charge only affordable ghost writing prices each time, and find only affordable ghost writer services to supply our clients’ needs for book, music and screenplay marketing and promotions.

Setting down my coffee cup, I feel my husband come up behind me. He briefly massages my aching shoulders, which are now suffering badly from several hours on the computer. It’s the best part of my day, these massages from my gentle and wonderful hubbie. My daughter, now a recent grown-up, opens the door to her room, gently closing it so as not to disturb us. I hit Save on Word and send the doc I’m working on into My Documents, also saving it into Google Docs for the day.

Source by Karen S Cole

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