How to Get Your Ex Back by Staying Grounded

Getting your ex back will take some work but the good news is that 90 percent of break ups can be fixed. In order to get your ex back you must stay grounded. There will be some effort and work involved and it will not happen over night. The mistakes that happened during your relationship need to be reexamined and you must figure out how not to make those same mistakes again.

Once you find out what it was specifically that caused the break up then you can work on repairing it. Do not make yourself seem needy. Guys hate this. You will win points with your ex by letting him see that you are able to cope without him. Boost your self confidence and show him that you are happy just being you. This will go a long way to help you get him back.

Besides being needy, being jealous is also a huge turn off. You need to increase his confidence as well as your own. You can do this buy avoiding being jealous if he is seeing someone else.

You can set a meeting with your ex in order to sort out the problems that you had in your relationship. Do this over coffee so it does not seem like a date. Be in control. Plan what you are going to say and stick to the plan. Do not gush all over him and cry. Simply just ask him what went wrong.

Behave properly. You need to allow him to see what he is missing without you in his life.

Do not argue. You cannot argue yourself back into a relationship. This would be a big turn off. Try to recreate the spark that you had when you were first together. You can do this by saying “remember when” and retell a great time that you had together. Get him to laugh.

You need to bond again with him. Bringing up the good old times is one way to do this. Your self confidence and new attitude about being happy without him is another way. Try dating again if things go well over coffee and do not fall right into the sack again with him. This is just too easy. Create the need for him to want you all over again. Once you have initiated the good feelings it will only be a matter of time before he is calling you and trying to win you back. Let him chase you a bit and you will both benefit in the long run.

Source by Lilith King

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