Gary Michels – Having High Expectations And Hitting Them!

I want to discuss having high expectations and high goals. You know I always set my goals high and I’m never afraid to fail – I really am not. I mean, probably deep down inside, there’s a little bit of that fear there but I really tell myself, “Go for it! Go for it! Don’t be afraid to fail! Don’t be afraid to fail! It’s no big deal; even if you fail, your mom will still love you, your friends will still hang out with you, your peers will still respect you!”. I think about all the successful famous people in our lives like Babe Ruth who used to be the home run king before Barry Bonds who struck out more than he hit home runs. Abe Lincoln, who lost the Illinois state legislature and lost his first wife who passed away before they ever got married. He lost limitless run-offs and different elections. Lost his first bid for presidency but became a president. I think of Thomas Edison who failed hundreds of times before he ever created the incandescent light bulb. You know, it’s okay to fail. The only part is that, and I love this quote. It says, if you want the rainbow, you must be willing to put up with the rain. You know I think of high expectations, I also think about thinking big and working hard because they come hand in hand. Do you not only think big but do you work hard? Do you really work hard? Or are you just lucky? I like to think that I work how – as often as possible – how I would work a couple of days before I go on vacation. Recently my wife and I had a baby; actually, a week ago tomorrow. It was interesting how the last few days before we went to the hospital, we were really cleaning up the house and getting work things done and doing errands and, it was like, man, I was so efficient! And what if I was that efficient all the time! So, working hard and having big, hairy audacious goals – we call it B-HAG – it’s something that I always like to focus on.

One other thing that I want to hit on on this topic is not only thinking that you’re working hard but I always try to make my goal to spend 20% of my time going after the whale accounts. In fund raising, which I did for years, I was going out to the big school Y’s and large departments. And I spent about 20% of my time going after the big ones and then the other ones would fall in place. In real estate, the very first week on the job focusing on the big, million dollar homes 20% of the time and we were able to land one. If you go too much after the big ones, you might find yourself falling on your face but 20% of your time always going after the big whales would be cool.

The third thing is to invest in your business and invest in your mind. Invest in your business and invest in your mind. Keep those high expectations. I recently had a lady that we were speaking about prospecting in telemarketing. She hadn’t been doing too much of it over the last year but I challenged her. She’s in real estate and she really was not prospecting at all. I said, “Well how much do you think you need to prospect?” She said, “I need to prospect at least 10 hours a week.” I said, “what if we were to guarantee you were prospecting 10 hours a week by hiring someone to do it and whatever you do on top of that is a bonus?” She goes, “Okay! We can do that!” Anyway, what she did is she found a telemarketer at $15 per hour and she had that person prospect for her over the course of a year. It’s just been two months and she’s planning on 500 hours from this telemarketer, which will cost her $7,500. So far, what we’re seeing with the results is that we’re able to set – about every three days, this telemarketer is on the phone, about every 25 hours – set a good, solid appointment. And she’s been able to close about one out of four. So, on this track, she’s going to close five, new deals next year because of this investment and earn about $40,000 for a $7,500 investment. So I ask everybody on this call is can you invest in your business? Can you invest in a telemarketer or a prospector or someone to generate more business for you. There are several ways you can do it; I just like the phone approach because, the bottom line is, the more people you get in front of, the more business you’re going to close.

A good rule of thumb also in investing in your business is to also invest in your mind. You know, I like to invest 10% of what my annual income is every year in my mind; either getting coached – I’ve got a sales coach, a speaking coach, I’ve got a physical fitness trainer coach… I’ve got books and tapes and classes… I’m always growing because I want my mind to grow. 10% is a good rule of thumb. Brian Tracy says, and I like his rule of thumb here too, is that you should invest as much on your mind every year as you do servicing your car.

Another thing about high expectations and high goals is you must be creative. You really must be creative and kind of mix it up a bit because people love your USP, what’s called your unique selling proposition. What makes you unique and different? Let me give you a couple of ideas that I’d like to share with you. Someone says to you on the phone all the time, “I just don’t have time.” Well, go ahead and deliver to them a box of instant oatmeal, instant coffee, instant pudding, instant mashed potatoes, instant glue, instant hair dye, minute maid orange juice and attach a note in this box or basket or whatever and say, “by using these products you should be able to find a few extra minutes in your crazy schedule to give me a call.” Another one I use is to send a tennis shoe with a note attached that says, “I just want to get my foot in the door.” You could go low-budget if you want and get little tennis shoes on a key chain and you can do the same thing. I’ll take a tennis ball, put it in a box and say, “I just want to bounce a few ideas off of you,” and you can do that with a basket ball if you know a person who’s big into basket ball. Here’s a really funny one that works: send a crumpled up brochure with a sticky note that says, “Don’t throw this away again.” There’s tons of these that you can do that just make you different and unique. I had a guy that sent a box with a beach ball, sand and seashells – I’d shared this idea with him – and included a note that says, “Life’s a beach but growing your sales income doesn’t have to be.” I had recommended this to one of my friends in the fund raising business and he was able to close a district-wide fund raiser because it was a beach town and this was just really appropriate to what they were doing.

The last thing I want to share with you guys about hitting these high expectations is to act excited and you’ll become excited. People in business, people say, I’m blessed to say that people love to be around people that are energetic and fun and exciting – they love it, it brings energy to a room! There are a couple of ways that you can do that.

Walk 10% faster. Look like you’re on a mission. Don’t just kinda staunch around. Walk with a mission and move forward and you’ll actually start getting excited when you do that!

Develop a smile habit. Always try to have a smile on your face. If you’re just kind of wandering around, try to smile a little bit. I like to say, “Smile as if you have a banana sideways in your mouth.” Kinda funny but it reminds you if you’re not smiling to just kinda get the energy again.

When people ask how it’s going, I always say, “It’s going great! It’s going unbelievable! Things are great!” And I try to raise my voice a little bit and raise the energy and it just starts to make me feel good. You might have heard the quote that success is determined by the altitude of your attitude. And when you walk a little bit faster, when you’re smiling, when you’re energetic, your attitude is just better.

So, there are some good tips today that I like to share with you and, hopefully, they’ll just kind of get you thinking a little bit about, “Yeah, I can have some higher expectations for myself. I can work a little bit harder. I can have a little bit more energy. I can do this – I can be creative!” I think everybody on this call, because you have been willing to invest in your mind a little bit and get on this weekly email, you’re the type of person that will take these things at heart and if you can just get one or two ideas out of this as a refresher, I really believe it’s going to help you have a great 2008.

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