Coffee Bean Blending – Why?

Coffee Beans are blended for a number of reasons – Here we show a couple of reasons why.

Cost Related – Blending a type of coffee bean to give it a quality, greater than it would be if not blended and vice – versa. Basically adding a variety of other beans into the mix to increase or decrease the cost of the coffee.

You will find that often an “A” grade bean such as an Arabica Bean with its yummy, smooth flavour & the hefty price tag – blended with a less expensive and slightly lesser quality will still give you a nice smooth flavour along with the aromas from the cup all with a significant lower price.

Signature or Specialty Blends – We often find these in specialty cafes and coffee shops around the world. These blends are for specifically produced for the vendor with no other comparison to their blend, they can keep brewing and serving their coffee to the masses. These unique flavours are special and are also often branded as the stores’ names. Take for example Gloria Jean or Starbuck’s etc. It almost positive they have their own unique blend in store. To create a signature blend it is necessary to fully understand all that is of each beans’ characteristics that it offers. It is also important to understand how the different characteristics in each one will work with the other – so that the final product is the required coffee blend.

Mostly, the commercial process of blending coffee beans is done to be able to improve the coffee that is uninspiring, soft or possibly even defective. It is done to boost the quality of the cup of coffee.

If you are interested in blending coffee beans for yourself – you have to start by determining the characteristics in the assorted coffee beans that appeal to you. Then you choose the beans and the roasts that best contain those characteristics. Take some time to experiment and learn to soon bring your very own personal, blend into your coffee cup.

Source by Ozay Gelsomino

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