Branding Your Business: Interior Decor

As a small business owner you must protect your brand. Everything you say, do or send affects your brand image. Then, there are the unspoken things that contribute to your brand image. Your interior furnishings can make or break your brand too. My five tips will help you strengthen your brand by taking an honest look at your interior décor.

My five tips for branding your business with your interior décor.

1. Review – I challenge you to visit several businesses that you respect and want to emulate. Next return to your business and look at it with a fresh set of eyes. What is your impression? Is it dirty, dusty or cluttered? Are the furnishings tired and worn? Does the layout flow and provide the best use of space and employee mission accomplishment?

2. Eliminate – make three piles – toss, donate or keep. Your goal is to eliminate the clutter, toss out the nonworking items and trash, and donate things that are work but you do not need or have not used in a very long time. Toss all magazines in the reception area that are torn, wrinkled or contain food and coffee splatters.

3. Replace – replace the items that are worn and tired looking. This includes draperies, chairs, coffee tables, coffee station, magazine rack and office equipment. This may require you to prepare a budget so you can replace the larger ticket items without breaking the bank.

4. Clean – when was the last time you had your carpets professionally steam cleaned? What about the drapes and upholstery? Do you clean your baseboards and dust your ceiling fans weekly? Do not forget to dust off your display merchandise. Notice the items you don’t think others notice like the copy machine, printer, receptionist desk and your coffee station. I bet they make you say “gross”.

5. Refresh – when was the last time you changed your merchandise display? When was the last time you updated the accessories and furnishings in your business? In this category I would also say apply a fresh coat of paint to your interior; paint is a very inexpensive decorating option.

When your business interior looks old and tired your customers and clients will immediately believe that your business skills, products and services are old and outdated too. They will not want to pay a premium price for your premium services or products. Your interior décor must represent your business brand in the most favorable manner. Do not scrimp on your interior image.

Branding is a necessary step in growing your business.

Source by Jaynine Howard

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